Pastor’s Desk

Dear Friends,
We are busy preparing for a new year in Religious Education. On September 18th, at the noon Mass, we will celebrate the blessing of our Catechists, our children and their families, and the kick-off of our new youth group. I ask your prayers and ask you to spread the good news!
I ask you to keep in your prayers our youth. In a recent study done by the CARA Institution at Georgetown University, it was revealed that the children of our faith are leaving the Church as early as 10 years old. They are seeking answers and are looking at the world and especially science for their answers. Many of the young see faith as an epic story and miss the meaning of faith in one’s life.
As we seek ways to form our youth, our traditional formation system, the Catholic School, is not seen as viable by American families. So what can we do?
I ask you to pray for our Religious Educators, pray for our children and their families. We will encourage our students and their families to join is at special Masses throughout the year. I ask you to welcome them!
Please support the work of Fr. Kumar and the Youth Ministry Team. I also ask you to seek out those who may not be attending any religious Education classes. We have been very successful in meeting children and their families who are seeking to return to the faith and the Church.

Peace, Monsignor Martin P. Ryan

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